Wingoads network (THE BEST DATING AFFILIATE PROGRAM) :monotize your traffick with cpm,cpa and cpl

Wingoads is a CPM adnetwork where you can buy and sell genuine traffic. Do you get huge impression in your blog or website and you wish to monetise your site,  you can sign up as a publisher for Wingoads and convert your traffic to earnings. 

Wingoads is a global ad network that offers solutions for publishers, advertisers and media partners worldwide. You can sell and buy traffic on different basis: –°PA | CPI | CPL | CPM| CPC. Some of our top verticals at the moment are, amongst others: Mainstream, Adult, Games, Gambling, Utilities, Mobile subscriptions, Web,

For Publishers we offer great opportunities to monetize your traffic. Personal account manager. Regular payouts twice a month. High eCPM rates. Various offers worldwide. Real-time statistic dashboard.

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With Wingoads, publishers can monetize their worldwide traffic with 100% fill rate whereas advertisers can accomplish their marketing goals.

Wingoads provides redirect and smart links to publishers that they can use to monetize their websites. Their smart links automatically optimize you traffic and show the best ads of their interest. Also, they provide a great ad safety to publishers.
Every single campaign on this network goes through multiple automatic and manual tests before making it available for publishers. So, you can remain assured that you will be showing only best ads to your visitors. In addition to that their platform offers full HTTPS support by generating HTTPS ad tags. This again keeps your visitors safe from any kind of fraud activities.
Wingoads provides separate redirect and smart links for mainstream and 18+ dating ads. So, you can monetize your both adult and non-adult content websites with this network.

Requirements for publishers to join and use Wingoads Advertising Network

  • Valid email address to provide upon registration
  • Wingoads reserve the right to ban your account in the case proxy traffic and bots
  • Wingoads reserve the right to not pay for advert views generated on your ads.
For advertisers High quality traffic for your offers, real-time monitoring, and optimization. Variety of targeting options: Geo, Operating System, Type of device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop ), carrier / Wi-Fi, etc. Online support.
Minimum deposit only 50 USD!


Payment model is Net 15, which means paying twice a month.
Payment methods:
Wire transfer

Minimum Payout:

Wingoads has an average minimum payout limit of 50$ so that even small and medium size publishers can easily withdraw their earnings.

Payment Frequency:

Wingoads offers flexible payment frequency to publishers so that they can quickly withdraw their earnings. They pay their publishers on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
For more details regarding these payment frequencies you can contact their support.

Best Features

  • Making an approval during 24 hours
  • Global Coverage Access
  • High Revenues On Time Payments
  • Ad Safety
Ad Formats
Available Ad Formats: Floating Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Link ads
Other Ad Formats: Full Page Ads, Interstitials, Mobile pops, Mobile redirect

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