My Small Success tricks with YouTube and CPABUILD, gaining $1500 in the first month

Youtube is the best way to drive traffic to our website but the method to ranks our video on first page is hard.
After one year I have do the research about ranking video fast because I saw someone ranked their videos so fast on the first page in just 12 hour. The question is how they do that in my mind.
Last one month ago after I have tried to review and check the 10 ranked video on first page in just 12 hour, I spend 2 hour a day learn about their video and after that I get the key to rank my video on first page.
What to do next after I good at Youtube traffic, I have sign up with CPA net work and drive traffic from Youtube to my CPA landing page after they complete offers I will get income. Now day I can make $1500 from CPABUILD network.

Youtube Blackhat CPA Method

Let's face it. Finding niches is a pretty hard task. Since you have found your niche, you deserve a reward! So, take this cookie
​But to get serious, you are ready to promote. This is because you can't get conversions without promoting. Also, if you don't promote your video correctly, you will see absolutely no results.
This is a big turn off, right? Well, it was to me, but it only made me more persistent as an affiliate marketer. I can't stress how much patience and persistence you need in order to yield results from CPA marketing.

With this Youtube blackhat CPA method, I am going you how to promote like a champion and get those conversions that you dream of. All you need to do is follow this tutorial​.
If you implement this guide correctly, you should see great results towards promoting your niche with this Youtube blackhat CPA (cpabuild) method.
Overall, this guide is probably the best one within this series. It's the meat and potatoes of this whole series. So if you are half alert or unmotivated right now, please bookmark this post and save it for later!

Furthermore, I would recommend that you take one bite at a time. Don't rush things. Let nature take it's course and learn as much as you can. Don't information overload yourself because that can be pretty ugly.​

methods How I made $1500+ with YouTube cpa

Before we start it's important to know, that this method is about fake hacks/generators. You're going to promote fake stuff, nobody will receive what they expected. If you don't want to promote fake hacks, then this method isn't for you. You need the right mindset.

How To Rank Your Youtube Video

This is by far the most valuable part of this Youtube blackhat cpa method. Also, I am mentioning this information first, so that I can introduce you to the methods we are going to take when promoting our Youtube videos. What I am saying is that knowing this following content will help you as a CPA marketer on Youtube.

First off, ranking a Youtube video is a skill. Just like any other skill, you need to learn for yourself or learn from the experienced professionals. However, I'd really like to simplify this guide as much as possible. You see, the term "ranking Youtube videos" is too broad I think.
I believe that it would help you as an affiliate marketer to only have tunnel vision of our type of promotion methods which are totally blackhat.
The truth is, unless you are a genius manipulator, most people are not going to fall for your "hack". It's not the overall audience you are targeting. It's the fools and the people that don't pay attention; It's just the way it works.

With this being said, you are not going to get a lot of view time and engagement on your Youtube video from the people who don't fall for your "hack". We need a way to manipulate this, so we can take advantage of the Youtube ranking algorithm.
With this being said, us marketers that are approaching Youtube in a blackhat perspective need to approach Youtube SEO in little bit different way than the people who normally promote their videos.
Since I have been doing CPA marketing for years now, I would love to show you the key elements you need, in order to rank a Youtube video with CPA marketing from the blackhat perspective. With this being said, the first powerful element you need to learn about Youtube's ranking is the precious element of time.

Finding good niches

There are many different games/apps these days. I learned 2 good ways to found niches. The first one is App Annie. You can sign up for free. You get access to an dashboard where you can found all the popular apps for each country, device and free/paid apps.

The second one is using other people their niche. There are different CPA networks that host landingspages/lockers for their publishers. They have different URL's, that all the publishers are using. Sample:, CPAbuild is using as "hosting domain" for their publishers. You can spy other publishers from that network, if they are using YouTube.

Go to YouTube, search on: and filter on new video's. For this URL, there are 116 new video's uploaded this month. These are all from other CPA publishers. Now you can see which games they are using.

Most of these networks have 10+ domains, so you can found many different games on this way. Be creative and add your own twist.

Keyword research

I use only 2 tools for the keyword research: vidIQ (free) and KWfinder (paid). To be fair, you don't need the KWfinder tool. But it's very useful if you want to scale or take this business to another level. vidIQ is a chrome extension.

Focus only small games without a lot of competition. I ranked on Clash Royale keyword, but it was pretty hard to rank on #1. If you want to scale and make easy profit, focus small games. Take a look at the first page and analyse the competition. Take a look at the views, keyword tags etc. Use vidIQ to found low competition keywords. Sample:

start with App Annie to found some small upcoming/popular apps. I saw on spot #45 (in USA) Township. I saw that it was still climbing, so I clicked on the app. Then you can see (also with a free account) the app ranking positions. You can see based on this information, that the app is still popular.

The app isn't very big, but popular enough to earn some good money from it. Now it's time to analyse the competition on YouTube. The vidIQ tool will popup automatically. I always start with the main keywords, like: hack and cheats.

You can see that the number #1 video on Township hack has 17k views. The vidIQ is also sharing some interesting information. There are 10k+ searches on this keyword each month. vidIQ shares also some other keywords on the right side. He gave me advice to rank on: Township mod and Township mod apk.

I analyse those keywords with KWfinder and I see good results. The competition is very weak and you can outrank them pretty easy.
If you want more keyword suggestions, you can use the YouTube search bar. Type in the game and wait for automatically upcoming suggestions. Down below the search bar results for Township. Analyse those keywords and do research.

Found/create the video

I'm not going to show you, how to create the fake hacks in this thread. You can found it other the internet. I will make a thread in the future for that part. But you can found it easily. You also can download video's from YouTube with Keepvid and edit them.


There are some networks that provided custom landingspages. You can build your own hack/generator landingspage on CPAbuild. I always hosted my own landingspages and used OGads to monetize it. If you need any specific landingspage, you can send me an PM.

Ranking YouTube video's

Since we are focussing low competition keywords, you don't need much to get ranked in the top 3. You have to buy HQ views (more then the first video), likes (for high CVR) and comments (for high CVR). You can add the comments by yourself, just create a few accounts. Change the comment settings, so you have to approve comments. Only approve your own comments and add sometimes new comments, so it looks real. Buy some social signals and wait.

I advice you to track your ranking position. So you can see the progress and can monetize all your video's. That's very useful if you are going to scale to 100+ different games.
Always add an unique eye-catcher thumbnail, title and description. Use a few times your main keywords and long-tail keywords. You can use the current #1 video for these information, but add your own twist. So it's all unique, otherwise you won't rank.

It's time to scale

There are so many apps/games and other niches. You can also create video's in the giveaway niche. Keep creating new video's and focus on the rankings. Do some a/b tests and see what works. Try different networks and found the best CVR.

Passive income results 

I didn't had time to create new video's and scale hard. But this is an amazing method, to earn big. You can scale easily to $100+, you just need video's. I earned with 1 video more then $3000. It was ranked for 2 months on #1 (sometimes #2). Passive income results in one month:

Few important things to do: 

  • Try different networks (payout doesn't say everything, it's more about the CVR and how much they shave ;-)).
  • Focus on small games
  • Focus on low competition keywords
  • Host your own landingspage (on your own domain) or use your CPA network
  • Fucking scale!

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