Linkbucks Review 2018 : earn $500 a week through social media or blog ( highly recomended)

Did you notice when you try to go online to download from a website related to software, games, data files, mp3 music and when you click the “download button or link” an ad shows up?
if you encounter those ads when browsing then it’s one of the methods earning money online and one of them is url shortener’s.

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What are Url Shortener?

Url shortener are sites to shorten your website link, blog link, referral link or any kind of link which are long. Some url shortener sites can earn you money and some really don’t. Great example of link shortener that doesn’t earn you money are and You probably heard the popular  link shortener which are, and linkbucks, these are the ones that can make you money. Although there are a lot of buzz, talks and reviews about them which are totally half true.

What is Linkbucks?

Linkbucks is a free link shortening service that pay its users to share their shorten links. They have one of the best sponsorship deals with top advertisers that allow them to place ads when visitors are link to a page. And also content locker ad that allow viewers to complete a survey before they can proceed to their link destination, this is used mainly for downloading. Linkbucks has been doing business online for the past 9 years with a very high population of users with the average earnings of $100 per day. Note: A scam website can never stay that long while scamming people online.
There are four ways people can make money online with linkbuck, through intermission ads, content locker ads, top banner ads and side banner ads. Apart from these 4 ways, you can also make money with linkbucks referral program. If you refer people to use linkbuck you will earn a referral commissions for life. They pay users 32% commission for each person they refer to their site. 

How to Register?

1. Sign up at Linkbucks

2. Click the verify link on your email
3. Log in to the site

Four types of ads on
Intermission ad.
This is the ad that shows up before the page you are trying to link up. And since this page bring more view per, you are paid more per view. These ads will direct the user to the destination link after up to 15 seconds or immediately if they click continue button.

Locker ad.
Content locker ad is almost the same with the intermission ad. The only difference is that the viewers will have to answer a survey before they are been allowed to proceed to their destination. This is the ad that pays most money than the other ads but a little bit harder than them. This ad is recommended for exclusive contents like downloadable ebooks, video, software, games etc.

Top Banner ad.
The top banner ad is displayed in a little top frame above the website you are linking to. They are entirely unobtrusive and stay in a top frame above the targeted site until the viewer closes the frame. Unfortunately this top banner ad has been discontinued so if you are looking for top banner ad the linkbucks is no more offering that as of writing this linkbucks review..
Side Banner ad.
Side banner is displayed in a little frame to the left side of the website which you are linking to. Unobtrusive and stay in the left side frame on the target site until the view closes the frame. Similarly to top banner ad, side banner ad has been discontinued.

The targeted ads are grouped into two, Clean ads and Adult ads. So it is very important to select the right age group for the page you are linking to, so as to be able to protect the clean site from ads with adult content.
Clean ad
If the page you are linking the user to is a safe page then you can select the “clean” option. This ensures the ads displayed will be right for all ages.

Adult ads
However it the page you are linking to adult content then you will have to select “Adult”.

Manage Links
This is the tag that allows you to manage links by enabling and disabling links the paid links. You can as well view your paid links or URL status. It is also where you may copy the cope you created for the paid link or URL.

Details of your Linkbucks Earnings
This is where the whole details of your earning is displayed. And also where you request for the payment of the money you made from linkbucks. Just add account and information for Paypal, payza and payoneer and instantly transfer your available funds to your account. The minimum cashout is $5.00.

Payment Method

Linkbucks pays through paypal when you reach a minimum cash out of $10.

payment proof

linkbucks tips

These are tips on how to make money with linkbuck are very simple, just register an account at linkbuck. After that you can paste any website link or download link eg , you want to refer people to at linkbucks links generating box in their homepage, they click “generate” or “shorten link”. A shorten link that looks like this: “”, will be generated, then copy the new shorten link and paste it on any place people can click and visit. Each someone clicks on it it will display an adverts or ad from linkbuck for 10 seconds before automatically redirecting them to the link destination. It is through this ad that linkbucks earn money and also pay their users. And you are paid each time there is a click on the link. Note: make sure you login before you generate any link on linkbucks in order to get paid.

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