how to make your social media as a money machine ( guide passive income $xxxx a day with chaturbate)

Known as one of the most popular adult webcam sites, started in 2011 and now has a user base that spans over five continents.

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What is Chaturbate?

Launched in 2011, Chaturbate is a popular adult webcam site.6 On the Chaturbate site, users can view live web cam performances that feature a range of sexual or non-sexual acts. Both Chaturbate and the performers make money when users pay to watch private shows, or when users tip performers with tokens that they purchase through the site.

How Does Chaturbate Work?

There are two main types of Chaturbate users: those who watch the shows, and those who perform. Performers broadcast their shows in a chat room, where many viewers can watch simultaneously for free. Performers are paid when tipped in the form of tokens, which users can buy or earn through various incentives on the site.

Chaturbate chat rooms are divided into five main categories: male, female, couple, trans, and featured. Far from a niche site that features only one style of cam girl, Chaturbate performers embody a wide range of genders spanning 5 continents. Likewise, Chaturbate live videos cover an array of themes ranging from dirty talk to sex toy play, couple shows, tantric massage, fetish play, and more.

how to make Chaturbate as your money machine

Now obviously I can't guarantee any number of $$ that YOU will earn because it all depends on your skills, determination, time invested and so on.
Also as with many methods this isn't a quick money method either. So don't expect earnings from day one or expect big numbers after a week because it just don't work like that! As said above, it will all depend on YOU!

The reason I am sharing this method with some of my own tweaks is because I don't have time to scale this as currently I am pursuing a different path within IM.
Because of this reason I can't show you any big results but if you use your brain you will understand soon the potential of this. I did some small tests and had leads very fast!
This method works for chaturbate but it basically works for any similar site.
This is NOT an e-whoring method, you don't have to chat to anyone nor do you have to sell them anything. In this method you are more like an Agent or running a fan page promoting a real model.

Keep in mind there is always the chance you get certain accounts here and there banned, this is just part of IM, only learning from trial and error will bring you success! I will take no responsibility for anything You fuck up!
So if you got the time to invest and don't give up easy let's get things started, if you are lazy like 90% move along and wait for that one easy fast method ;) (which will come never)


Chaturbate Account
YouTube account
Tagged account
Some Video Ripper (if needed)
A Basic Photo&Video Editor Comes In Handy

Fb, IG, Twitter, Pinterest etc
Tumblr, Blogger, etc
Badoo, Meetzur, Tinder etc
Some porn accounts

As said, you can use this method on many sites and many ways if you use your grey mass a bit but I'm gonna use Chaturbate to get an idea.
I will talk about different platforms which I won't go into too much detail on how to configure them and setting them up because it would be too much to type out you just have to test some shit out ;)
As most big (cam) sites chaturbate has an affiliate program and usually you can find the link somewhere in the footer so go over to and scroll to the bottom and click the affiliates link...

Chaturbate affiliate

No big money of-course as I didn't scale at all, didn't do any promotion for it at least for 9 months and only made one page but you can imagine if you would scale this and put some time into it what it could bring you.
Now I didn't pay much attention back then and was also focused on short term payouts so I choose the Pay Per Registration method but YOU should choose the Revshare payout which I will explain how to setup in this guide.

As you see above, not a lot of money but considering I haven't logged into chaturbate and didn't do anything for almost a year it's still making me beer money I didn't had before :D but yeah if you spend time and scale this shit you could make some serious cash.


So by now you should have registered for Chaturbate which was the easy part. Now we need to find a girl or multiple ones but let's start with one.
On a side-note, it doesn't have to be women of-course, you could also go for males or trannies which has also plenty of potential as there are plenty of freaks out there. To be honest I think trannies and gays have even a bigger potential as it will have less competition.
If you don't like watching those kind of things then don't, me personally DGAF as long as it can turn into some cash.

For this guide I will use as an example a girl but feel free to experiment with all genders ;)

Step 1 find a profile that has good stats, you can find the stats when you.....

Anyway, checked an other profile and you can find the stats when you scroll down (on desktop) it will be below the chat.

Because I am posting this in public I can't mention the profile name for obvious reasons but I choose this profile while I type this for the purpose of this guide so semi-live :)

She has 99% thumbs up which is pretty good considering she has 371263 followers. The amount of people that took the time to like/dislike might seem small for that many followers but there are accounts that have way more followers which don't have any rating at all ;)
Certain names seem to work better than others, especially names that are like girlsname98,99,00 because you always have the perverts who dig girls as young as possible but stats are more important.

Step 2 so now you found a profile who you want to promote see if you can find some non-nude photo's of her.

Some profiles might already have some non-nude public photo's.
Now there are several ways to get a few more.

1: take a screenshot when the model is live and if the person in question isn't completely nude yet take a couple screenshots.

2: go to google images and type "chaturbate /herprofilename/" and most likely you will see plenty of photo's of her and collect a bunch where the model isn't nude.

chaturbate model.

Step 3 create a tagged profile.

Now even though I registered with my VPN I could still only add city's in my own country, don't worry about it you can change this later on.

In your profile info set your relationship status to " single" and orientation to "Bi".
As I said in the beginning of the guide, I wouldn't go into too much detail of setting it all up, just enter stuff You would like to see or what others would probably would like to see.
So fill out the "about me" section with stuff your targets would probably like. I didn't fill it all out because I only set this all up for this guide.

I got no fucking clue what "pets" is but I just set this profile up and already getting plenty of views and actions (alerts) and we haven't even gotten to the main part.

Step 4 IMPORTANT now I have seen a couple guides that look similar to mine but these noobs made one critical error!
On every chaturbate profile there is a tab called share

And they will tell you to use those links.. That would be a BIG fucking mistake!!!

If you will use those links you will only get 10 tokens for each member that will register through your link.. Well fuck that!! I want $$

You will be needing a custom link! Go click the affiliates link again in the footer of chaturbate.

Then go to "Linking Code" Scroll all the way down till you see "Your Chat Room (even if oflline) under the Revshare:20% section.

So the link would be :


The chatroom name of the model you want to target is behind the /. So so your revshare link would be


Shortlink It now normally I would go with for short links but they are kinda bitches when it comes to certain things and when you shorten porn stuff with them the user will see a warning first so go with

Step 5 now that you created the correct afflink and shortened it it's time to implement it. Unfortunately tagged don't allow html links, I'm sure there are some similar sites out there that allow it but nothing comes to mind for me but do use them if they are out there but anyway, just upload a photo on tagged and watermark the link in there like so.

Sidenote so in this guide I'm using tagged as landing page but you could use anything you like, even better would be your own (sub)domain as you could monetize that with banners, build an email list, add multiple links and multiple girls.

Step 6 to get some extra people to your profile go play the "meet me" game on tagged

Just press like on every profile and you will match very soon, you don't need to chat with any of them!
The purpose is to let em check your profile and if they are interested enough they will check out your link.

So everywhere put something like, " If You Want To See Me/talk to me Check
Tagged has an App so get it on your phone and if you are bored just play the "Meet Me" game and keep pressing like again so it seems you are online, you don't have to chat with anyone and it will still send you traffic.

best hosting for adult site

Step 7 for this step there are multiple options but I am going with YouTube. 

Try to find non-nude videos of the targeted model on porn sites. Twerking, dancing whatever as long as it's not nude.

When searching for those videos just type in the search of the porn sites "chaturbate usernameofmodel" and most likely you will find videos but again, if you don't find any just screen record a few where your model isn't nude

Rip and edit the video or screen record it and upload it to YT. As long as it doesn't show nudity you should be fine. You can add some sexy music with it or just the original sound, it's up to you.
Just make the description and title interesting and link em to your tagged account, don't link em straight to the chaturbate room as you will most likely get banned.
Obviously you will have to be creative with what you type, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa., try shit out.


Social Media
obviously you can make an IG/Twitter account of the model you want to promote. Just build em up like any other account, don't post nudes and don't add a link TOO soon! Interact with the followers and when you account is aged redirect them to the landing page which in this case is on tagged.

You can make a FB page but as we all know FB has become very strict so I wouldn't bother but you could always experiment with it.
I would use my own domain as a lander but that will cost a little bit of money :)

this method will cost a little bit of money too and a disposable cell number. Now you can use your local classifieds websites which in my case worked good but if you are targeting the USA you should place an ad on

You will be placing an Ad in " Women Seeking Men" it's up to you to select the city and neighborhood but I would choose one that has many people living together. For this you need a disposable number to get the ad verified.

Again, not going to spoonfeed you what you should place in the ad as it comes with trial and error but you would be linking your ad to IG(or any other lander that works) and your IG to your landing page. (tagged in this case)

Tinder Or Similar Stuff 
just type some interesting stuff in the bio and add a link to your lander and like everything or connect the IG profile. Again you don't have to chat with anyone.

Porn Upload Method
IMO the porn Upload method is very hard to gain success with unless you will rise above the rest.
Meaning, some will read the method and upload 50 movies and bitch about it while a small few will upload 5000 vids and bank hard ;)
Same with this method. Create a profile as your model, upload vids, put a link in your profile to your landing page or/and watermark the URL to your landing page.

So this is pretty much the basic foundation! You can tweak this in many ways but it's up to you to find out what will work best!


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