HilltopAds Review: Best New High Paying CPC, CPM & CPA Ad Network

HilltopAds is a global advertising network serving billions of ad impressions to over 190 countries. HilltopAds works with thousands of publishers and advertisers from various verticals. They work with CPM, CPA, CPL, PPI, CPS, CPO payment models for desktop and mobile devices

hilltopads review,Best ,New High Paying CPC, CPM & CPA Ad Network

The UK based Hilltopads is nothing but another global advertising network that helps in the growth system of the bloggers, webmasters, agencies and other different advertisers. It provides great ad traffic solutions to different blogs and other websites for the purpose of monetization.
You can choose different ad networks from Hilltopads such as CPM, CPA, CPL, CPC, and PPI. It also offers almost all kinds of ads suitable for desktops and mobiles such as Pop-ups, Pop-under, and Display Banner, etc.

Although Hilltopads is fairly new in the market, it is a great platform for the beginners as this network accepts any kind of ad volumes. You can start monetizing right away with the help of HilltopAds irrespective the website nature. From blogs to gaming sites, everything is welcome on HiltopAds. Not only that, but HilltopAds has a fast approval system and a fast ad campaign launch.

 CPC/CPM Ad Network

HilltopAds is most popular in the following niches: Gaming, Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, Sweepstakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, and Entertainment.
They also offer ads for all geolocations, but if you have more traffic from places like the US or the UK, you’ll make more money.

HilltopAds has a minimum payout requirement of only $50, which makes it well-suited for small and medium-sized publishers. The payments are made weekly, and you can use Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paxum, Webmoney, and ePayService to receive payment.
For a few payment methods, like Bitcoin, you need to have a minimum of $100 for payout. If you are a premium kind of publisher and are making more than $1000 with HilltopAds, you should opt for wire transfers as your payout method.


HilltopAds is easy to work with. However, if you want to know how to use HilltopAds beforehand, here we have provided an easy guidebook.

  • Go to the site of HilltopAds and create your account by using your active email id.
  • Once you are done confirming your account, click on the button on the left named ‘Manage Site and Zone.’
  • It may take up to 3 or 4 days to get your account approved. And once it is approved, click on the button ‘Zone’ and create an ad code.
  • Link the ad code to your blog. The rest activities are on the HilltopAds.


The network of HilltopAds has several great features which attract the attention of the viewers. The features of HilltopAds are as follows–
  • HilltopAds is equipped with real-time bidding system.
  • They are perfectly suitable for Pop-up and Pop-under ads.
  • It is well equipped with ad network rotation and real-time optimisation of the eCPM.
  • You can add more than one website on the dashboard of HilltopAds.
  • While using HilltopAds, publishers will not get any mixed content warnings as they offer HTTP ad tags.
  • With the help of a single dashboard, you can handle the profile of a publisher and an advertiser. No need to create two accounts.
  • It has 0% financial transaction cost.
  • HilltopAds has amazing Keyword targeting and retargeting system equipped with it.
  • HilltopAds has a secure integration with the mobile tracking system.
  • Also, it works as a self-serving platform for the advertisers.
  • It can give you amazing Anti-ad blocking solutions for your website.
  • Once you start with HilltopAds, you will get real-time statics of your blog ads.
  • 24×7 support of the International Customer Care team.
Based on these great features, HilltopAds acquires four basic advantages over other ad network agencies, and those are as follows–
  • HilltopAds are easy to use. Thus you do not need to have any kind of selling skills.
  • It helps you to get more advertisers for your blog or other websites.
  • It helps to get you an easy start-up.
  • And, instant money-making scheme.

Although, HilltopAds is new in the market and they are still in the process of growth, their easy-going features and amazing benefits lure many publishers and advertisers easily.

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