what is ppd site ? earn dollars through your social media

Most of the e-entrepreneurs presume that making money online invariably involves making an initial investment.
However, the truth is quite different.
In fact, online marketing has taken giant leaps forward and has evolved in a big way offering tremendous earning opportunities for e-entrepreneurs.You will be delighted to know that there is an online marketing technique that offers 
earn money with ppd 2018

Moreover, you don’t require making any investment to get started.In fact, it is one of the quickest and the easiest method for online earning.It is absolutely free and does not require any previous online marketing knowledge.You do not even need to sharpen your programming skills.
Yes, I am referring to Pay per Download (PPD) Marketing.
PPD Marketing is a simple and easy technique of making money online in which you do not have to make any investment to start your online marketing adventure.
With successful PPD Marketing, you end up creating a steady stream of passive and automated income resource for yourself.
PPD Marketing offers you an excellent opportunity to make money online by monetizing your downloadable digital products such as files, applications, e-books, software, manuals, stock photos, PDF files, and almost anything else.


What are PPD Sites?

Firstly i want to make it clear the full form of PPD (Pay Per Download). Now let’s discuss more on this topic. Some of the sites available on the internet with upload and download feature. Many of peoples using Google Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox,vidoza etc. But these sites are free, and they also provide higher download speed. There are too many bloggers and other peoples, who want to earn money from home. So PPD sites are one of the best ways for them. Some of the sites (below listed) would give you money if your file downloaded from there server. Let’s move to in-depth section.
PPD sites using too many ads and surveys also. So if you will upload a file on it and someone tries to download the file, then the user will redirect to some other page. And if He/Se will come back and download that file, then PPD site will give you money for the download.

Who should use PPD sites?

PPD websites are for those who want to earn money online without spending a single dime.
social media marketing

These sites are only for those who want to earn money. If you are providing crack software and movies on your website/blog, then you should try PPD sites. But if you are working on a tech socmed or a brand site like me, then i will not prefer you to use any PPD site on your socmed or blog. Because users don’t like to face any annoying ads, and it can also affect the traffic of your posts. Even if you will rank your site in the top on google.

Types of PPD Sites

Two types of PPD sites available in the market. First one is Survey and the second one is Without Survey. Survey sites pay the highest amount for each download because 90% of users can’t complete the survey. On the other side without survey PPD sites pay the very low amount for each download because 90% of peoples can easily download files from them.

How PPD Works?

As already illustrated, you require first signing up for a Pay per Download Site or PPD Network and require uploading the files which you want to offer to your visitors as a free download.
When a user visits a landing page, he is directed to the webpage of PPD Network from where he can download the file.
The visitor then clicks on the “Download” button and is presented with a survey form or signup to a site.
He is required to fill the survey form or signup to a site before the download can start.
Once a completed survey is submitted, the download is then automatically started.
When the download process is complete, the visitor can access the downloaded file.
Through the PPD Marketing, you can expect to earn anywhere from $1 – $10 per download depending upon the quality of information provided.
Having said that, there are some PPD Networks which do not make it mandatory to fill out a survey before initiating the download process.
Users get to download the file without survey online. In such a scenario, the typical earnings are of the order of $0.02 per download.

Why to use Pay Per Download?

Pay per Download comes as one of the most effective online marketing techniques for making money online.
In fact, PPD offers one of the easiest and quickest ways of earning online.
Moreover, it can be started for free without making any investment.
Then there is another advantage linked to PPD Marketing.
It is much easy to get accepted in PPD Networks when compared to CPA Networks.
Most of the PPD Networks accept (new) members automatically.
Pay per Download Marketing is simple to handle and execute. You just need to upload your files to PPD Network and then share links for downloading files.
Then, earning potential is huge in PPD Marketing. Every time your file gets downloaded, you stand to earn anywhere from $0.25 to $10.
There are some networks which even offer payouts as much as $20 for a single download.
Some Valuable Considerations Regarding PPD Marketing
With regards to PPD Marketing, you need to understand the rules and guidelines associated with PPD Networks.
You need to be aware of the type of content or digital product you can upload on PPD Networks.
For example, you just cannot upload movies or adult content. So, before signing up for any PPD Network, first go through the terms and conditions.
If you face any problem, you should get assistance from their support team and make things crystal clear before starting your PPD campaign.
Once you have selected a Pay per Download Network and go to upload your content and get the links up which you want people to download.
You have to make sure that people visit these links and fill the survey to unlock the download and ultimately download the content or digital product on offer.
In fact, this constitutes one of the most important challenges in the context of PPD Marketing. As a matter of fact, visitors can even complete different offers to unlock other available downloads.

Best PPD Networks

Sharecash (Survey)

sharecash, top survey site,high paying

ShareCash is suitable for people who run a gaming site, video site, coupon site, or eBook site. You can earn up to $1000 by placing the code on your site or you may share through your social media.
They pay around $1 to $20 for every file download.
You can earn an average $1 per download.
It is one of the highest paying PPD sites, payout Methods – Wire Transfer, Payza, Payoneer, ACH, Check
Minimum Payout – $20 for Payoneer, $100 for Wire Transfer and Check

Daily Uploads (Without Survey)

They will pay you up to $15 from 1000 downloads made from your files. Your files must be minimum 1 MB in size! We will count only complete downloads. Don’t cheat! Abusing the reward system will lead to permanent ban. Your File size must be at least 1 MB in size to get rewarded.

IndiShare (Without Survey)

Indishare is for those, who are working on movies and songs download sites. Indishare providing faster download speed instead of other PPD sites of 2018. It offers you $10 per 1000 downloads
usercloud (Without Survey)

It is the best PPD site, and i am also working on it for some files only. You can get a little money from it just for the side business. Don’t depend on UsersClod to earn money, because they will pay the meager amount for each successful download.

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