trusted popunder network review, how to earn much money from popcash

 It is a  Popunder ad network who provides good CPM. I am writing this Review on the based on my personal experience with the PopCash ad network.

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Every Webmaster wants to earn good money from their blog and want to utilize 100% income from their traffic. There are many ways to generate the income on a blog like an affiliate network, Display ads, Selling service and many other ways.

Along with these options, one more way to generate the Income from Website traffic is PopUp and Popunder Ad network type.


Google AdSense ad network is the main ads revenue (Banner ads) source for my blog. I was looking for some alternative income source along with AdSense ad network. I came to know that Adsense allows popup ad network and many other ad types too. Like (Infolinks).
So I thought to use PopUp ad network. In popup ad network type, I am looking for something like
  • Fast approval process.
  • Minimum Payout.
  • Best eCPM rates.
  • Easy Withdraw Process.
  • User-Friendly.
I found all these in PopCash Ad Network. so the reason I keep recommending to other also to use this ad network.
you may check here : is one of the leading Pop Up ad network which provides good CPM Rate, that's why even I am writing Popcash Review 2018 well there are many using this pop up ads network already and of course they are making lot of money, I know why you are looking for this ads network, you want to earn more money right!

Popcash Review 2018- High CPM Rate Pop Ads Network
PopCash at a Glance
This is one of the type of top pop under ad network in the world, which provides amazing CPM Rate
User Interface
Its really simple and user friendly
Payment Proof
I have earned over $100 from this ad network, that means this is a legit network
Time Duration to Get Payment
After applying for payment I usually get payment within two working days
Ways to Get Payment
You have multiple options to get payment but I prefer through Paypal
Minimum Threshold
My Personal Experience
It’s been very good
Approval Process
It is really quiet easier to get approved almost every type of blog get approval
Type of Ads Network
Pop ads network
Alexa Ranking
It’s worldwide alexa rank is 157, think about its popularity in the world
Overall Rating
9/10 as a publisher

Then, I will recommend you to at least try this advertisement network, see advertisement networks can not make you real cash but for consistent income it is good, there is no doubt about it, you have to admit this, I mean to make money online from blog or website you need to keep experimenting and find out which one is better for you, but don't compromise with content of your blog remember this.

Here is the screen shot of total payment I have received from Popcash-
popcash payment proof,

I know after looking at earning almost everybody pumped up, but if you wanted to earn money may be offline or online then you need to do certain things, which includes-

  1. Hardwork
  2. Proper planning
  3. Patience
  4. Learning & then 
  5. At the end earning

Okay, let me tell you few important Facts about PopCash.

How Much Popular Is PopCash.Net Among Publishers-

If you will see Alexa ranking of the then it is really awesome here is the real statistics-
  • Alexa Ranking Worldwide- 157
  • Alexa Ranking Japan- 255
  • Alexa Ranking India- 242
  • Alexa Ranking Indonesia-38
  • Alexa Ranking Mexico- 120
After looking at the statistics any one can say the popularity of the ads network, I mean think this about the website which got Alexa rank under 1000 within few months of launching.

Approval Process Of PopCash.Net-

Well, it is not that much difficult for any blog or website, if you got traffic then you can easily get approval they  will not take more time for approval hardly one to two days.

By looking at the features and popularity of the ad networks, I think the network will grab huge market in future.

Payment Process Of PopCash.Net

Well, they are now sending payment through three sources those are-
  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Paxum
Three are good to get payment, but I am using Paypal as a Blogger in singapore- it is good so far for me, you can use it, specially I like there auto-payment withdraw to bank account, more important on your own desired currency.

How To Make More Money From PopCash.Net

Traffic, if you have more traffic then you can make more money with it, it is simple, but to get more traffic you need to have ideas, writing skills and many more things.

But, one thing I want to clear here, if you will get more traffic from English speaking countries then your earning will definitely increase.

Minimum Balance Required For Withdraw On PopCash.Net

Its $10!

Once you will reach then you can apply for withdraw request, after placing withdraw request you need to wait for few days to get payment, okay how many days- not more than 7 days.

To Join This Network Click Here

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