review yllix media : network with cpm,cpc,cpa offer ( highly recomended for adult blog

Yllix review that is one of best ad networks that is so popular by it’s low minimum payout options such as daily payments that’s so perfect for faster growing of publishers that want to earn money and do some great works. They claim for offering 100% fill rate,  automatic real time optimization and also providing CPC, CPM and CPA ad campaigns with 1$ minimum payout.

yllix media,cpc,cpm

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

Do you know, an ad network, don't get listed here if it is a scam. Because I want the satisfaction of the friendly readers. So Yllix media is not a scam network and it is completely a genuine ( legit ) and a paying ad network since 2012.

Sign up and approval

Signing up is very simple, simply fill the form and verify your mail and you are done.

The very good thing about yllix is they never ask any publisher to add a website. Just you need to get the ad code and place it on your blog. And they will identify and approve your blog automatically and place ads on your blog.

Yllix Ad Formats:
01.Banner Ad –
Classic image, flash, text or an 3rd party banner advertisement. May be CPM, CPC or CPA. You can place up to 3 (three) banner ads per page.
02.Slider Ad –
Banner rolled up from the bottom of the page and can be closed. Banner format is choosed randomly and you can select on which side of the site the slider will appear (left/right/random). 160×600,120×600 are verticaly centered on the side of page, 300×250 is on the bottom corner of the site, on the side you choose. 468×60 and 728×90 are centered horizontaly bottom of the page.
03.Popup Ad –
A new window containing an advertisement opened in the browser of your visitor. Very interesting rates. You can use one popup ad per page.
04.Layer Ad –
Layer Ad is a window containing an advertisement over the content of your website. An Layer ad can be closed by the visitor by clicking a red (X) icon. Very interesting rates. You can place one layer ad per page.
05.Fullpage Ad –
A link where you can redirect your visitors. You can popup it. Very interesting rates.
CPM, CPC, CPA and PopUp advertisements.
They provide 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 120×600, 160×600, PrePop, PopUp and PopUnder ad formats.
No Approval Process, Instant Activation.
Dedicated Account Manager
Adult and Warez allowed
Easy to get ad code
Payment method : Paypal, Payza and Liberty Reserve
Minimum Payment threshold – $1
Most of their ads are CPA based so if you have quality traffic, you can earn better.
eCPM(CPM rates) is poor as per my experience. It may be different for other publishers.
Conclusion: You cab better test and check if this works out for you as their minimum payment is $1
Traffic Term
Unvalued Traffic
Sign: CTR 0.00 – 0.02%, no conversions, traffic from autosurfs, fake traffic, etc… 
Outcome: Non-payment, account suspension.
Average Traffic Quality
Sign: CTR <0.20%, low or average conversion rate. 
Outcome: Showing ylliX Classic Ads, weekly payments, average eCPM.
High Traffic Quality
Sign: CTR 0.20% and HIGHER, high conversion rate, more than 500 ad views / day / website. 
Outcome: Showing ylliX PREMIUM Ads, DAILY payments, high eCPM, premium support.
Below is the payment proof:    

Yllix Media is a new advertising network but they look promising. With their hard work and dedication they have made their network a well established and promising network. Yillix media is a good network for small publishers as their minimum payment threshold is only $1. If you are a new blogger and your blog is under construction then you can use this network for earning some bucks and for checking the potential of your blog.
wanna try ?

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