cpalead review, how i made around $1000 a month with this network

What is Cpalead? I have seen this question pretty everywhere, so I decided to write a post about it where I show how to make the most money from it.
Is this the first time you hear about it? Or you already know it but you want to learn how to make the most out of it?
In this CPAlead review, I share with you everything you need to know and also how to earn money with it.

earn money with cpalead,trusted affiliate 2018

What is CPA?

CPA or Cost-Per-Action is basically what an advertiser pays you on completion of an action. The action could be anything like signing up for a trial, taking a survey, filling a form or downloading an app. CPA marketing is different from your other advertising networks where you get paid when someone clicks on the ad and you can’t give any incentives to the visitors to click on the ad.
In CPA marketing, where you are promoting an offer or a niche, (I’ll tell you all about it in this article) the offers are a lucrative giving incentive to the visitor. These offers have a good conversion rate and a decent payout as well.
The one thing that makes this high conversion rate possible is content locking. Content locking is something that makes sure your visitor completes the action and puts the dollar in your pocket!
There are a few terms I used up there which might have not made much sense if you’re a newbie in CPA marketing. Don’t worry, I’ll have it all covered in this article. It might seem a long read but stick with it till the end to know all about the best in business – CPALead.

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Monetization options

Link locker:
This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your traffic. I started off with this option because many of you might want to earn without a website. With link locker, you can link that you think would draw a great traffic.
For instance, if you come across an article on the internet which has great content or a video that could go viral, you can lock the link to it with Link locker and post that locked link on social media like facebook pages or groups. When someone clicks on the links they’re asked to take a survey or complete an offer before being redirected to the original link.
This is one easy way to monetize traffic.
Content locker:
This one is for all you bloggers out there trying to monetize your blog. Do you have great content on your site or blog? Is it compelling enough to make people do any task before just to reach the page with that content?
If yes, you’re in for a treat! With content locker from CPAlead, you can lock that page and people would be asked to complete an offer before reaching to that page. This can make you a great amount of money!
This depends highly on the content being locked.
Exit Traffic Tool:
This is by far the most favorite monetization method among the bloggers as it makes you money from the people leaving your site. When they leave your site they are shown an intrusive offer to complete. There’s nothing to lose in this method since you’re asking the leaving audience to complete the offer.
Whether they like it or not, they are leaving! So why not give it a try?
Download Widget:
Got some downloadable content like an ebook, an audio or video tutorial? If your visitors aren’t interested in buying it, don’t worry, CPAlead has a way to make you money even from the free downloads.
Use this widget to lock your downloadable file and promote the product well enough as people readily download free stuff. When they click to download it, they will be asked to complete an action before the download starts and the free stuff that you give away will start making you good money.
Banner Tool:
There are two kinds of banners; incentive and non-incentive. You can add them on your website and they would look like a normal banner with an image. You can also make them slide in on your page which can work well to increase the conversions.

You might wanna ask me, do these methods really work? And do we actually get paid? Well, I have something to share with you all – my experience.

Let me show you my payment history so that you know you can actually make some good money using the monetization methods mentioned above.

how i made $1000 with cpalead,cpalead methods
This is my PayPal payment history and now I’ll show you a snapshot of my stats on CPAlead.

There it is, another payment proof for you guys. You can see the amount of money earned last month, this month, yesterday, today and All-time.
CPAlead also awards their high earning publishers with gifts like PS4 or a medal, T- shirt and many other things that you would love to have.
Here is how it feels to receive those accolades.
cpalead review

A proud CPAlead publisher.
I guess this is proof enough for you to believe this is one of the best ways to make money online.
Now let’s see how you can promote a niche or an offer from CPAlead. But before this, let me tell you, you can make money with CPAlead using two ways:
With a website
Without a website
First, let’s see how to do it without one.

How to promote a niche:

  • Go to the dashboard of your CPAleads account and under latest niches, you’ll find… well, latest niches.
promote cpalead offer

You can search for any niche you want to promote, for this example, I’ll just choose a random niche.
On the left, you can see a weight loss niche “Total Body Weight Transformation”.
  • Click promote

promote cpalead offer,cpalead review

You’ll see the live preview of the niche you’re promoting and the text that it contains.
  • Click promote

Here, the snapshot speaks for itself. “To make money, share this URL on a website or social network of your choice”
That’s it! That’s how simple it is. Once people start completing offers and survey you start making money!

Promoting Offers:

  • Browse to offers and you’ll find different offers from different categories like survey, download application, pin-submit.

promote cpalead offer

You can see the details of these offers on this page. The payout, EPC and type of each offer is specified.
You can choose your offer based on these parameters like the conversion rate and the payout which plays a key role in deciding which offers to promote.
  • Check the offer that you wish to promote, scroll down and click on “enable selected offers”.
  • Now back to the offer, and click on the offer name to get the affiliate URL.
making money with affilliate marketing

There are the stats of the offer you are going to promote. The payout for this offer is $3.93 and type – survey.
Use the affiliate URL to promote the offer.

Generating leads with your website

If you already have a website you can use the monetization options mentioned in this article to start making money with CPAleads.
If you don’t have a website yet, don’t worry we has got your back. You can find many articles on here to learn how to start a blog and how to monetize it.
The easy way to do this, if you’re a newbie:
  • Buy a domain and hosting.
  • Install WordPress
  • Create SEO optimized content in the niche you wish to promote
  • Read articles on on how to do the above steps!

Earn with the self-serve PPC platform

If you are ready to invest some money to make high profits, CPAlead’s new self-serve PPC platform is all you need. You can buy traffic for any ad of your choice from any ad network. The PPC costs charged by CPAlead are lowest in the market and they give you high-value traffic.
All you need to do is sign up for an ad network which provides the offer that has higher EPC than what CPAlead charges per click, and advertise that offer with CPAlead and money starts rolling in – in no time!
Check their pricing here.
Start earning with CPAlead’s self-serve PPC platform with a minimum deposit of $50.
So in this article, you saw how simple it is to make money with CPAlead and also you saw some real payment proofs.

Internet marketing is on everyone’s mind and everyone of us wants to try our hand at this. The question is what’s the right way?
I feel all I can answer is what the best CPA network is and what area different ways to monetize your traffic. But to make real money, it takes some creativity in promoting your offers.
Having a website is a big plus. Utilize your blog or website to the fullest and come up with your own unique and new promoting methods. I am saying this because not all methods work for everyone, so use your creativity and come up with a way that suits your site and niche to promote.
I hope you find this article useful and make the most of the monetization methods mention here.
See you on the other side!

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