beginner methods : How To Increase Facebook Page Likes And Influence People

Facebook is one of the hottest social networks for business owners. There are over 20,000 people on Facebook and as of Q1 of 2015, over 1.44 billion active monthly users.
Who wouldn't you want that kind of reach?
But most business owners wonder if I have a limited marketing budget, how can I increase my facebook fan page reach without spending an arm and a leg on PPC advertising?

How to increase Facebook fan page likes

LikePage widget

A LikePage widget or plugin lets your readers like your Facebook page without leaving your blog. Adding this to your blog is an easy and efficient way to increase your Facebook fan page likes. Just create a text widget on your blog and then you can visit Facebook Developers to get the code.
engcrease facebook fp

Go to Facebook Developers and in the Social Plugins category click Page Plugin. This is what you’ll see –
facebook fp plugin
Enter the URL of your Facebook fan page and set other parameters like width and height as you desire and then click Get Code. Putting the text widget in the sidebar can turn out to be a good option. Place it the way it goes well with the design.

LikeBox Pop-Up

This is another way of getting your readers to like your Facebook page. Facebook Page Promoter LikeBox Plugin is the way to do it. It is free and it lets you add a Pop-Up to your blog. This Pop-Up displays a Facebook Like Box letting your users like your Facebook page. One of the features of this plugin is that it can display the lightbox with or without the delay. Also, you can set the limit for the lightbox to pop up for a specific number of days per individual readers.

Inviting friends to like your page

On any Facebook page, you can find this feature to invite friends. You can choose which friends or which group of friends you would like to invite depending on the demographics. If all your friends can relate to and are likely to be interested in your page, you can invite them all.
fans page tips

Just click on invite friends and choose from your friend list.

Sharing pictures and news updates

More often than you update your blog, you should update your Facebook page status and share informative updates and quotes to ensure audience engagement. Though everything you share can be seen by your fans on their timelines your updates are not the only thing they’ll come across on their timelines. There are a huge number of pictures shared every day, every hour.
Pictures have a high chance of reaching a broader audience than text status. Also, news updates related to stuff happening around you is also consumed rapidly by the Facebook audience. So make this your priority to share news updates, pictures and update your status regularly.

Increase the number of Admins for your page

You may think that using the above tips your audience base would not go beyond the number of friends you have. There’s a way around this. Add more Admins to your Page and make them invite their friends and e-mail contacts to like the page. 3 Admins with 400 friends each will get 1200 friends invited and many more email contacts.

Set your Facebook page URL ad your e-mail signature

As a blogger and digital marketer, you have a lot of conversations on a daily basis via email, Facebook, and other forums. Some of us have a signature in our emails while some of us don’t. But what’s the harm in having a signature in our e-mail if it is a link to your Facebook page?
This is a cool idea which definitely makes the recipient of the mail think about your Facebook page and curious to know why you’d include that as a signature. This curiosity can work wonders for your Facebook page.

Eye catching cover photo

The cover photo of your page has a lasting impression on the visitor. So you’ve got to make it look attractive so that it stays in the minds of the visitors and become synonymous with the name of your Facebook page.
If you page is about Cooking, create a cover photo which speaks what the page is all about and also creates an interest among the visitors to visit again.

Engage with your fans

Engaging with our readers on our blogs is something we all treat as a priority and so should we in the case of a Facebook page. Just like the readers of your blog comments on your articles giving valuable feedback or asking questions, they do the same on the page too.
Make sure you try to answer the questions they leave on your page and ask them for their feedback when your share something they’ve been rooting for. Fans on Facebook may ask you to write about a specific topic they would like to read. So keep an eye for such suggestions and make sure you incorporate their questions in your article.
So these were a few tips to increase your Facebook page likes. A Facebook page with a great number of likes is always useful by a blogging point of view. It serves as a tool to increase your blog’s audience base and also to make some changes in the style of your content by analyzing the user feedback.

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